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About Us

The organization of the company provides that each client has a minimum of four persons dedicated to their business affairs.

The client’s bookkeeper has the day-to-day responsibility of maintaining the accounts. Certified Public Accountants supervise the Bookkeepers, ensuring the client's records are maintained in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles as promulgated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

After consultation with the Client, the in-charge Executive sets the individual Client's overall tax and investment policy, and works with their other professional advisors to create programs designed to mitigate taxation, establish a viable estate plan, conceive proper investments’ allocation, and coordinate business affairs’ involvements.

BNVCO’s insurance department personnel supervise insurance claims and the management of commercial as well as personal lines of insurance.

Successful people often lack the time and expertise to plan for their financial future, as frequently the demands of day-to-day business pressures distract them from making the appropriate personal financial decisions.

BNVCO will assist in creating a comprehensive personal financial plan tailored to your individual needs, goals and objectives. We also know that the development, implementation and follow-through of personal financial planning is absolutely essential if the seeds of your efforts today are to be translated into the fruits of financial freedom tomorrow.

An effective financial plan will smooth the eventual transfer of your assets to your family members, friends or charities, minimizing the impact of estate taxes. The plan will also assist you in striking a balance between your requirement for current income and your need for long-term asset growth to support living necessities over longer life expectancies.

INCOME TAX PLANNING --Taxes are a major consideration in any financial decision. At BNVCO we examine the construction of income and deductible expenses, attempting to coordinate investment-planning decisions in a manner that will provide for the exploration of every legal means to save money.

PLANNING YOUR ESTATE --Working with your other Advisors, Tax Attorneys, and Insurance Counselors we at BNVCO address the range of financial and estate planning issues that you and your beneficiaries are likely to face. Available to recommend qualified estate planning attorneys, we coordinate your plan with the goal to make sure that no important issues are overlooked.

PLANNING FOR RETIREMENT --The goal of good financial planning is to balance present lifestyle needs with the accumulation of sufficient assets at retirement to maintain your desired standard of living. We assist you in looking ahead by projecting your income needs at various possible retirement ages, matching these requirements against your potential sources of income. This arduous analysis attempts to predict whether your after-tax income, adjusted for inflation, will support you during retirement. Recommendations, if your resources seem to be insufficient, will be made. Advice regarding the level of spending and savings or degree of aggressive investment will also be discussed.

INSURANCE PLANNING--At BNVCO, we view insurance as a vehicle providing more than a means to manage risk. It involves creating or enhancing an estate for your beneficiaries and protects your current assets against casualty. We routinely review your financial and potential estate tax cost scenarios and assist you in realistically determining how much life insurance you need to protect your family or other loved ones. We also review your property and casualty, auto, health, long-term care and disability insurance needs, usually recommending that you enhance all these coverage’s with excess limits policies. Working with insurance professionals, we will obtain the best available coverage at the most competitive rates.

INVESTMENT SERVICES--Our investment policy is oriented toward using portfolio modeling Asset Allocation Techniques. Through its affiliation with sister company Greenbrier Diversified, Inc., a FINRA registered Broker-Dealer, portfolios of mutual funds and variable annuities for assets up to $250,000 may be constructed. For clients with invest able assets in excess of $250,000 the advice of SEI Investments, one of the most financially sound companies in the investment business, encompassing over 50 years’ experience, $500 billion in assets under management and more than 1,300 employees worldwide, is used. We are also available to work with our clients’ other Investment Advisors in the selection of the appropriate mix of Real Estate, Equities and Fixed Income assets.

CONTRACT NEGOTIATION AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS’ CONSULTING-- A combined experience spanning over eighty years in general business and in the entertainment industry uniquely positions the Principals of BNVCO to offer advice and counsel in the construction of commercial matters. Ideally, if we are consulted in the early stages of a negotiation, in concert with our clients’ other professional advisors, we are uniquely positioned to assist in the coordination of our patrons’ total business involvements with the economic aspects of new contracts under consideration.