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STRENGTHS AND PERSONAL SERVICE—We use a disciplined investment strategy with an emphasis on asset allocation principles with the objective of consistent returns and long-term growth. Our investment philosophy tends toward the conservative with an orientation toward sound economics. Every available tax device is considered from structuring investments and their vesting to client’s compensation arrangements. We assist in the building of wealth for our clients, considering their investment objectives, life style requirements, and risk tolerances, integrated with a view toward an intermediate to long-term accumulation process.

Our professional staff gives personal attention to each client’s unique needs, and we have a highly responsive entrepreneurial environment that insures the level of service is of the highest caliber. Our clients expect and receive financial services of the highest quality.

We take the time to comprehend the family as well as business perspectives of our clients, understanding their motivations, anticipating the consequences of alternative courses of action and providing pro-active advice. We are Counselors as well as service providers.

Highly trained, motivated and supervised professional staff use internal systems tailored to the specific needs of the Business and Family Management business, and are in direct contact with each BNVCO client. Our services are focused and responsive to each client’s needs with continuity in the relationship, enhanced by frequent communication.

Weekly cash flow reports, complete monthly financial statements, and quarterly portfolio accountings are provided for each entity owned by our clients. The reports are comprehensive and easily read and understood. Periodic, special reports, such as cash flow forecasts and income tax projections are also provided.

In the final analysis BNVCO seeks to provide value added for a cost that provides outstanding service at competitive prices.

EXPERIENCE—We have been in the Business Management business for over forty years and our aggregate experience of BNVCO’s principals is over eighty years. We combine investment management, tax planning, and knowledge of all relevant laws and regulations with strong systems and procedures and knowledgeable staff at all levels.

RELIABILITY—Business and Family Management is our only business. While we do the functions of Certified Public Accounting Firms, our business is confined to the management of high net worth and high-income individuals and their related entities.

OBJECTIVITY—We do what is best for the client and follow the highest standards of fiduciary duty.